Our Services

Business law

Algeria has switched to a market economy and consequently most production and service activities adhere

at least partially to the rules of Algerian commercial law.

Our firm possesses a long standing expertise in the field of Algerian business law, acquired by advising our

clients in their dealing and assist them in case of litigation as well.

The expertise of the firm’s practitioners allows them to use the concepts and instruments of Algerian

commercial aw in order to best serve their clients’ interests.

We offer clients highly-regarded assistance in all branches of Algerian business law such as setting up or

restructuring companies subject to Algerian commercial law, organising take-overs, debt recovery.

Our firm continually creates values for its clients by challenging conventional legal thinking and employing

innovative legal solutions.

With our team of experts in banking law, Algerian foreign investment law, contract law, and insurance law ,

Generally, the firm can act in international commercial operations influenced directly or indirectly by

Algerian business law.

Corporate law

Our firm has a recognized expertise in Algerian company law and in Algerian corporate law.

We provide high level advice on all aspects of Algerian company law, such as creation of Algerian company,

Acquisition, sale, administration, company contracts, and company taxation. 

We offer clients highly regarded assistance in all branches of Algerian corporate law, such as setting up companies,

organizing take-overs, creating or restructuring joint ventures.

Employment and labour law

Our firm provides clients with legal expertise in all aspects of Algerian labour law. We can advise on

negotiation and drafting employment contracts governed by Algerian employment law.

This experience of Algerian labour law is complemented by our understanding of legislation concerning the

rights of employers and employees as well.

We offer our clients a wide-ranging approach to Algerian labour and social law, integrating complementary

expertise in Algerian corporate and tax law.

Public procurement

Algerian public law is ever-present in almost every business venture in Algeria.

Our firm carries out significant amounts of work in all the traditional Algerian public law: Algerian administrative law,

Algerian procurement law.

This experience in Algerian public law enables us to assist our clients when they participate in operations in sectors

as varied as energy, mining, electricity, hydraulics, telecommunications, public works, transport, privatizations, and

the private sector's participation in public service infrastructures.

We assist our clients in the preparation of tenders and bids in procedures under the Algerian Public Procurement


In addition to supporting our clients in public tender procedures, our practice focuses on representing our clients in

disputes on violations of procurement regulations and on violations of State contracts subject to Algerian law.

Digital Law

the technological development is assisted by the development of digital law.

Data protection is now essential and mandatory in Algeria since the implementation of several laws on the

protection of personal data, electronic signature, and cyber security.

In Bnecheikh Law we advise our clients in order to practice this activity in accordance with Algerian law.

Our team works with you to establish a robust framework that allows you to meet your business objectives and grow

securely. We draw from our experience advising multinationals across several sectors and invest the time to

understand your target, and we accompany you to be in accordance with Algerian law for data protection.

Maritime La w

Algerian maritime law is based on international maritime conventions and agreements, as well as on national legislation.
The resolution of maritime disputes often involves the application of national and international law, as well as the interpretation of maritime treaties and conventions.

We provide our clients with personalised advice on maritime matters in Algeria, as well as in the resolution of maritime disputes before all Algerian courts.
Our ultimate goal in Bencheikh Law is to resolve the dispute efficiently, and to protect our clients' interests.